Insane Observation

I awoke this morning and made the decision to replace my first generation (March 2016) iPhone SE. I’d had its face glass replaced at least twice, and with a maximum capacity of 16GB of local storage, I was barely able to even update the native apps on it any longer.

So, I ordered a new one. Online. From Apple. At 8:30AM.

At 12:30PM, a courier (from Apple) delivered it to my home. 4 hours — from submitting the order to having a new iPhone in my hands. Amazon can’t do that (… spare me, I know that its not a totally equal comparison — but still). Oh, and Apple took care of my carrier setup — so that I didn’t even need to communicate with them (my carrier), at all. I didn’t have to call anyone. I didn’t have to go anywhere. All that I had to do was go online and order it. Then wait for 4 hours — and it appeared. I’d barely finished my 3rd cup of green tea when it arrived.

Obviously I have the financial resources to be able to pay for it. So, there’s that.

But still! Thats an insanely productive customer experience!

I am an “Infinite Gamer”.